New Pistol Members Induction and Coaching

Welcome to Southport Indoor Pistol Club!

Pistol shooting is a fun sport, and it’s also one of Australia’s safest.  It is however heavily regulated for obvious reasons, and it can take some time before the “fun” part really starts.  Try not to be impatient with the process.  All good things come with time.  The average time it takes to get a Cat H licence in Queensland is around 10 months from the time you join as a pistol member.  While this might sound like a long time, it does pass quickly.  Use it to your advantage and become a skilled, confident and proficient shooter, before getting your licence.  Don’t be “That guy” who no one wants to shoot with.  Be someone who other shooters can be confident in.  Remember, it’s not only your safety you need to be confident in.  It’s anyone on the firing line, including you.

All new unlicensed pistol members are required to attend our Induction and Coaching sessions.  The intention is to provide new shooters with the training they require, in addition to the legal requirement of attaining their Safety Certificate.

What you need to do:

  1. Attend our Induction (mandatory) class.  From here we will determine your shooting abilities and refer you for additional coaching if needed, or to our Tuesday “Members Competition Night” once you’ve satisfied our trainers that you’re capable of handling a firearm safely.
  2. Attend our Coaching class if required.  You will be advised during Induction if you require additional coaching.
  3. Attend Tuesday nights for our weekly “Members Night” to complete your required 3 competition shoots.
  4. Attend and pass your Statement of Attainment (Safety Course).
  5. Apply for your licence after 6 months of being a PISTOL member.

Induction (Mandatory)

  • When:  Monday nights 6pm-8pm.
  • Where:  Southport Indoor Pistol Club
  • Who can come: New unlicensed Pistol Members. Note that you MUST book before coming.  If you can’t attend on Mondays at 6pm, please contact the club at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


  • When:  Monday nights 6pm-8pm.
  • Where:  Southport Indoor Pistol Club
  • Who can come: New unlicensed Pistol Members. Note that you MUST book before coming.

How to Book and What to Bring

  • How do I book?  Please check the Monthly Schedule below.  Note that you can book up to 2 weeks in advance.  Bookings close 1 business day before the event, so if you’re booking for a Monday night be sure to book no later than the Friday prior.
  • What you need to bring:
    • Always wear enclosed footwear. This is an OH&S requirement from Qld government.
    • Ear muffs and safety glasses will be provided at the club, but if you have some please bring them.
    • Always have photo ID so you can sign into the range. Once you have a relevant firearms licence you will need to bring that instead.  Minors can be signed off under their parents/guardians ID, should they not have their own.
    • Whenever you’re doing a competition (Members Competition Night for example), always bring your Participation Record.  If you don’t have one, you can download one by clicking on the picture below.  You will need to keep your Participation Record forever, so don’t lose it.  Note that it is the sole responsibility of the shooter to maintain this record.  The Club has no legal obligation to do so.

Induction and Coaching Schedule

We have 3 different sessions for unlicensed shooters.  Please ensure you book for the correct session.

  1. New Pistol Members Induction:  This is where to start.  If you’ve not been to any sessions previously, then this is the event you need to book.
  2. New Pistol Members Coaching:  You’ll be told after attending Induction if you’re required to come for Coaching.
  3. Members Competition Night:  This is a regular competition night where you’ll be invited to shoot with licensed and other unlicensed members.  This is strictly by invitation only as you will be shooting “off tether” and with other people.  Your 3 mandatory competition shoots will be conducted at this event.

Who to Contact

If you have any questions, or need to contact someone about our program, please email


Please note.  In order to apply for your Cat H licence, you must complete 3 club competitions in the 6 months immediately prior to applying.  These 3 competitions can only be signed off at our weekly Members Comp Nights (Tuesdays at 6pm), once you’ve satisfied our instructors and been invited to attend.  If you can’t attend on Monday and Tuesday nights, please contact and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Monthly Schedule

Please book your session by selecting one from the calendar below.  Only relevant events will be displayed.

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