Getting a firearms licence in Qld does require some patience.  The first place to start is knowing what firearms licence you intend to get.  In all cases you will need to demonstrate to Qld Weapons Licensing a “genuine reason” for obtaining a firearms licence.  In the case of handgun licences, there is only one acceptable “genuine reason”, and that is sport.  In all cases, joining SIPC is an acceptable demonstration of a “genuine reason” to obtain a Cat A,B and H firearms licence.

Types of Firearms Licences

The following table only deals with licence types which can be used at SIPC.  For a complete list of firearms categories, please refer to the Qld Weapons Licensing site.

FirearmsLicence CategoryDescription
A\BRifle, Air Rifle and Shotgun. This is a general description, comprising of 2 weapons categories. It is commonly accepted to incorporate both categories in terms of licensing.
HandgunHThe legal definition is: "A firearm, including an air pistol and a blank-fire firearm, under 75 cm in length, other than a powerhead, is a category H weapon, regardless of whether it has been rendered permanently inoperable."

The following paragraphs are a simplified paraphrasing of the requirements for each firearms category.  Please refer to Qld Weapons Licensing for more detailed information.

Category A\B Licence

The basic steps are:

 Category H Licence

The basic steps are:

  • Obtain a “Letter of Eligibility” from Qld Police, or already have another firearms licence.
  • Join a pistol club.  Note that a pistol club cannot legally accept you as a member without a Letter of Eligibility or an existing firearms licence.
  • Attend a recognised Safety Course for Cat H firearms and attain a certificate.  SIPC runs regular Safety Courses.
  • Complete a 6 month “probation period” of membership at a pistol club before being eligible to apply for a Cat H licence.  The 6 month probation period starts the day you join a pistol club.
  • Compete in a minimum of 3 competitions run by the club on 3 different days during a 6 month period immediately prior to applying for a Cat H licence.
  • After having been a member of the club for 6 months and participated in a minimum of 3 competitions, and having attained a safety certificate in the past 12 months, you may now apply for a Cat H licence.
  • Ask the club to provide form QP0518A to you, which both you and the club must complete.
  • Apply for your licence.  This can be done online at https://www.police.qld.gov.au/forms/weaponslicensing.asp.

 Queensland Weapons Licensing Video – Weapons Application Online