The following tables and charts contain all competition results for the past month, and also the entire year.  Please allow the page time to load.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the results may take some seconds to display.

These results can be filtered and sorted to make searching easier.  Note the row at the bottom of each table.  Below each column is an area where you can specify what you want to filter.  For example, if you only want to see results for member number 1234, and only for Mayleigh competitions, then you just type in 1234 at the bottom of the Member_Number column, and Mayleigh at the bottom of the Comp_Name column.

You might see some highlighted boxes in the “Handicap Penalty” column.  This indicates the shooter went over the maximum points possible for the given competition, which can only happen when too high a handicap has been awarded, or the shooter didn’t understand the number of shots he/she was allowed to shoot.  Penalty points are deducted when you go over your handicap or the maximum possible score.  These are calculated by adding the score to the handicap, then subtracting the maximum possible score from the total score.  The difference is then doubled and subtracted from the maximum possible score for the comp.  To fix this, shoot with a lower handicap and use the correct number of shots for the competition.

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