Counter Terrorism – 2018 Commonwealth Games

Presentation from 2nd Commando Regiment

Commonwealth Games

The Games are finally over, so it’s back to business as usual at the Club.  For the duration of the Games, the Club closed all evening events so members and staff could avoid the expected traffic delays, etc.  All evening events and competitions are now back to their usual scheduled times.  For further information about event times, please refer to the Club Calendar on our website (


Counter Terrorism

The 2nd Commando Regiment of the Australian Army is responsible for Counter Terrorism activities both in Australia and overseas, and was deployed on the Gold Coast during the Games.  SIPC were approached shortly before the Games by the 2nd Commando Regiment, requesting the use of Club facilities outside of business hours for counter terrorism training during the Games.  A civilian range was required as no Defence facilities were suitably close enough to event locations.  SIPC, in co-operation with Qld Weapons Licencing agreed to the arrangement.  Due to the nature of the training and the weapons being used, special permission was granted by Police to allow the use specific military small arms on our range.


In recognition of SIPC’s facilitating this for Defence, we were presented with a plaque for the Club on behalf of the Commanding Officer, Officers and Soldiers of the 2nd Commando Regiment, along with 3 Challenge Coins for the staff who looked after them during their stay.  These are on display at the Club counter.  Special thanks to Colin, Lockie, Ben and Josh for looking after the 2nd Commando Regiment while they were here.


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