The below information will help you when you are ready to apply for a Firearms Licence in Queensland

                 New Weapons Licences

​​​​​​Here you will find all the forms you need if you are applying for:

  • a Weapons Licence; and
  • a Visitor's Licence.

You can now apply online for a Weapons Licence (excluding Visitor's Licences), submit all the documents and pay using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa.

Document descriptions for online applications

Individual Weapons Licence application document descriptions

Business Weapons Licence application​s document descriptions​

Applicants wanting to apply, using a paper form, for a new Weapons Licence should:

  • download and print the Form 1 and the relevant Form 1 Annexure
  • complete the application form and collect all the required supporting documents; and
  • attend a police station to lodge and pay for the application.

New Licence application - Form 1

Form 1 - Application for a Weapons Licence

 Form 1 Annexures

 Other application formsVisitors LicenceImport form is available under acquiring and disposing of weapons section  If you have lost your Weapons Licence you can apply for a replacement. Complete and submit a Form 3 Application for replacement licence/permit to acquire.

     Permit to Acquire requirements overview

​To apply for a Permit to Acquire you will need to:

  1. Have an valid current Weapons Licence or have applied for a Queensland weapons licence
  2. Be eligible to apply
  3. Know the category of weapon you are applying for. You can only acquire a weapon of the category(ies) endorsed on your licence or the category(ies) you have applied to be licensed for
  4. If you are applying for a Category B, C, D, E, H or M weapon, you must have a valid reason for acquiring the weapon
  5. Depending on the type of weapon and the reason you are acquiring it, you may need to supply supporting documentation
  6. Be aware of all the steps in the PTA application process, including your obligations once you receive your Permit to Acquire.