Welcome to SIPC Pty Ltd. Our Gallery has been operating since 1998.
We offer shooting packages from .22 all the way to 44 Magnum.
Single guns and Packages. Prices start at $60.00
A gallery is a shooting range authorised by law to allow UNLICENCED people the chance to shoot REAL guns in a SAFE and CONTROLLED enviroment.
By law all firearms must be TETHERED  for unlicenced shooters using a GALLERY.
With our system you STAND TO SHOOT. With the  weight and recoil of the firearm  the shooter can experience the real feeling of the experience.
Our range officers will be with you while you shoot and ensure your safety.
We have 10 shooting bays with a distance of up to 25mtrs.
All firearms used on our gallery are less than 10 months old.
Call 07 55 311153  or  email  admin@sipc.com.au